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We Don't Work for the Payer
We Work for You. 

We are Jenvin Healthcare Partners, where advanced technology meets expert solutions in revolutionizing credit balance management. Discover seamless efficiency, compliance, and accuracy as we redefine the landscape of credit balance resolution.

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About Jenvin Healthcare Partners

As an industry leader with over 70 years of experience in the Healthcare Revenue Cycle, Jenvin HCP is focused on providing cutting-edge solutions to healthcare organizations and providers. We offer a wide range of customized solutions designed to streamline and automate credit balance issues, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and lessening compliance risks to improve business processes for overall financial savings. 

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Challenges with Credit Balances

Credit Balance Problems?
We Have a Solution

resolve problem in healthcare revenue cy

Credit Balance Resolution

Don't have time to properly work your credit balances or train your staff to stay on top of CMS guidelines or state escheat laws. Jenvin HCP has you covered. We can work your credit balances from start to finish. 

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Full Access

Access to our proprietary technology allows you to track performance, and organize your work queues into logical categories while substantially increasing staff productivity, saving your organization time while allowing you to monitor performance in real-time. 

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Resolve Accounts Quickly & Accuratley 

Reduce Costs

Free Up Staff

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Root Cause Analysis

Identify Process Improvements

Robust Reporting

Electronic Refund to Patients

Avoid Fines & Penalties

Avoid Audit &

Compliance Risks

Why Choose Jenvin HCP?


Expertise and Experience

With over 70 years of Revenue Cycle experience resolving Credit Balance problems, our team possesses deep knowledge and expertise. We have successfully served clients across various sectors, helping them achieve tangible results and improve their financial standing.

Customized Solutions

We understand that every situation is unique. This is why we offer personalized solutions that align with your specific situation. Our team works closely with you to develop a customized strategy, ensuring maximum value extraction from your credit balances.

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Technology-Driven Approach

We leverage our proprietary, advanced technology and tools to streamline credit balance resolution. Our state-of-the-art systems ensure accuracy, efficiency, and data security throughout the entire lifecycle of credit balance management.

Commitment to Client Satisfaction

At Jenvin HCP, your satisfaction is our top priority. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and building long-lasting partnerships. Our team provides ongoing support and guidance, helping you achieve your financial objectives and overcome challenges along the way.

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Confidentiality and Security

We understand the sensitive nature of financial data. Rest assured, we maintain strict confidentiality and HIPAA security measures to protect your information. Your trust is paramount to us, and we take every measure to ensure the privacy and security of your data.

“In my role as Director of Patient Financial Services for a 480-bed safety net hospital, Kevin was a highly valued revenue cycle partner for five years. Kevin was totally focused on client service, and he and his team consistently delivered high-quality results that exceeded those of many other vendors. In addition, Kevin and his team helped us to resolve issues and meet our goals by bringing opportunities for improvements in our internal processes to our attention. Based on my experience, I would unhesitatingly recommend Kevin and his firm as a partner for revenue cycle services.”

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Ready to find your Credit Balance Solution?

Resolve the challenge of your credit balances with Jenvin Health Care Partners. Contact us today to schedule a demo, ask questions, or learn more. 

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